About my work

My artistic work is driven by interest in matter, time and memory and the visual outcome is changing and evolving. Matter, human made and organic and the pulsating movement between living and non-living are the carrying themes.  I choose medium according to the idea. The work manifests through photography and in recent years also painting, movement and performance. I collaborate with artists from different fields of art. Keywords: still life, object, thing, bond, matter, fabric, identity, time, memory, body, humanity, self, transformation, earth, knowledge, scale, grid


Exhibited at galleries and museums such as the Finnish museum of Photography, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Art Forum Berlin, Paris Photo, New York Photo Festival, Lahti Art Museum, MUU Gallery, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, Gallery Aarni and Patana Gallery. Works are amongst the art collection of the Finnish National Gallery and private collections around the world. Also works as a documentary and portrait photographer.


Theory and practical courses in creative and documentary photography and thesis examiner in BA and MA level in Finnish and in English.


PhD Student in Cardiff University, UK (2017 – )
Basic and subject studies in Art History, University of Helsinki (2016 – 2018).
BA and MA in photography in Aalto University School of art, design and architecture (2004 – 2010).
Student exchange in École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Arles, France (2009).

contact virpi.velin@gmail.com